How it works.

1. Call or Email for a FREE 15 minute Introductory Session

2. Schedule an Initial Assessment - 60 minutes

The initial assessment will include a full analysis of your history, blood work if available, dietary intakes and goals. We then come up with an action plan to best meet your needs.

3. Follow-Ups as Needed - 45 minutes 

Depending on your needs, we schedule follow up sessions that work for you! We can follow up in person, via telehealth, or on the phone - whatever is most convenient!

4. Long Lasting Body Positivity 

We provide nutrition services until your needs are met. Nutrition is a journey, make it a pleasant one with JuliENERGYnutrition LLC.

By working with JuliENERGYnutrition LLC, 

You have access to:

> Numerous handouts / educational materials included

> Intuitive eating tools, studies and skills to improve your relationship with food forever

> Recipes, cooking techniques, meal prep support included

> Blog posts / instragram insight to healthy meals and up to date nutrition information

> Texts, calls, emails for accountability and encouragement around the clock


Services in addition to sessions:

> Meal Support 

> Food Exposures

> Cooking Therapy 

> Meal Prepping and Planning Guidance 

> Super Market Tours / Exposures 

> Disease Specific Supermarket tours

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