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How it works.

1. Call or Email for a FREE 15 minute Introductory Session

2. Schedule an Initial Assessment - 60 minutes

The initial assessment will include a full analysis of your history, blood work if available, dietary intakes and most importantly your relationship with food. We then come up with an action plan to best meet your needs.

3. Follow-Ups - 45 minutes 

Depending on your needs, we schedule follow up sessions that work for you! We can follow up in person, via telehealth, or on the phone - whatever is most convenient!


The most successful client is one that invests 3 - 6 months in weekly or every other week sessions. I offer packages of follow up's to help make this need more affordable. I also offer an Intuitive Eating Bundle for clients who are serious about making changes to their relationship with food. 

Click here for info on Packages and the Intuitive Eating bundle. 

4. Long Lasting Food Confidence, Behavior Changes and Body Positivity 

We provide nutrition services until your needs are met. Nutrition is a journey, make it a pleasant one with JuliENERGYnutrition LLC.

By working with JuliENERGYnutrition LLC, 

You have access to:

> Numerous handouts / educational materials included

> Intuitive eating tools, studies and skills to improve your relationship with food forever

> Recipes, cooking techniques, meal prep support included

> Blog posts / instragram insight to healthy meals and up to date nutrition information

> Texts, calls, emails for accountability and encouragement around the clock


Services in addition to sessions:

> Meal Support 

> Food Exposures

> Cooking Therapy 

> Meal Prepping and Planning Guidance 

> Super Market Tours / Exposures 

> Disease Specific Supermarket tours

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