So nice meeting Julie! Definitely helped me and improved not only my eating habits but my perception of myself and my approach to eating. Also loved how the tools she uses (handouts, guides, etc.) are from published work. thank you for putting your heart in your work, julie! <3 - C.J, 2019

I've been a client of Julie's for years now. She's helped me overcome my disordered eating and has transformed my relationship with food. The tools she's given me have empowered me to live a healthier more mindful life. I couldn't recommend working with Julie more!

N.B, 2018 

When I started working with Julie, I had medical problems and longstanding disordered eating habits. Over a period of a year or so, I learned to feel more comfortable in my body while not dieting and overcame my health problems. Julie is completely up to date on all relevant nutritional research and information and incredibly astute about psychological issues which impact eating disorders. I have worked with other dietitians without great success but Julie is exceptional.

- S.F, 2018

Julie came into my life during a time of major transition. 29 at the time we met, I was finally ready to tackle years of body shaming, restrictive eating and binging episodes. Introduced to each other through mutual friends, Julie’s knowledge on the topic of nutrition was apparent from our first meeting. Never judgmental, Julie takes the time to understand your relationship with food. Even after a few relapses, Julie, with her calm and patient demeanor, guides you back on track and helps you identify the root cause for these episodes.  Her intuitive approach makes you realize that all the noise in the diet industry is just that, noise. She helps you shed misconceptions of what foods are deemed “bad” and helps you realize that food is not the enemy. Under her guidance, my relationship with food has changed from a source that was once used to punish my body to a source that is used to nourish and honor myself. Her knowledge, coupled with her positive attitude, poise and grace makes her a no brainer when friends and colleagues ask for a nutritionist recommendation. I highly recommend Julie and know that you will have just as positive of an experience as I have had through this journey.

- A.G, 2018

Wow. As someone who has met with several nutrition professionals in her life, what a difference Julie made in mine. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 and never truly understood the impact it had on my body until Julie. 12 years of failed diets and a super unhealthy relationship with food led me to her and after a year of working with her I can confidently say I am no longer afraid of it! No longer afraid of food. Food heals and nourishes and once she helped me tap in to my intuition, I now know how to have that healthy relationship. Julie gave me a “normal” life and took the shame out of eating. She is always available and willing to answer questions and is just excited to educate! Forever grateful to her!

- A.Q, 2018

The past 7 months that I've been working with Julie has changed my whole outlook on life. She has showed me how to understand and deal with my emotions. Most importantly she showed me how to separate my emotions from my eating habits. I've gained more control of my life, which is what I have always wanted. 

- J.G, 2018

I was working with Julie for about 9 months and then went to study abroad in Italy, I had learned so much before I went and had a few small struggles when I was there ... then I came back to Miami and it was like magic... EVERYTHING she had said to me while working together started to happen and I was suddenly in the end of the semester so happy eating whatever I wanted, doing exercise regularly but not forced everyday. My body felt so good being in control. I seriously felt I could eat whatever I wanted but my body wanted so much healthy stuff! I am so happy. Even though in the last year I have had some different stresses, I NEVER think on dieting or restricting myself... I always think of what Julie said one time “ you can start intuitive eating whenever you want” no need to wait for Mondays, vacation finishing, etc. Overall I just want to say a big thank you because Julie changed my life so much ❤

- B.S, 2018

“Prior to seeing Julie, I thought I had a great handle on my nutrition and health. I had hurt my shoulder late last year and had stopped exercising.
To compensate, I began dieting, cutting out carbs and fat. After a couple weeks, I began feeling intense fatigue throughout the day, which was affecting my concentration and focus. I was convinced it was a health related issue. But doctors told me that nothing was wrong. I went to see Julie more so to cover my bases. To check the box that I was indeed eating healthy and it was not a nutritional issue.
Julie spent time going through my dietary choices in painstaking detail. It became very clear that my diet was not balanced, and my choices were leading to volatile spikes and crashes in energy throughout the day.
She even worked with the options around me to put together specific meals for me, so I didn’t have to religiously keep track of my grams of intake.
After only a week, my fatigue dropped considerably. I had more energy, and learned to appreciate the balance in my diet.
What I had thought was not the issue turned out to be the central issue. Julie had honed in on it right away, and worked with my crazy schedule to fix it super efficiently. Maybe she should have been worse at her job: I may have scheduled more sessions with her!
Thank you again Julie!”
- N.J, 2018

Prior to meeting with Julie, I had spent 2 years struggling with my weight, I was doing all the things I thought I should, I was eating healthier than most people I felt, and working out 3 times a week. My weight would plateau, I would weigh the same for months not losing or gaining, then in a week I would jump a few more pounds up. I had done diets, work out programs, Facebook 15 day challenges. Nothing seemed to help and I was confusing myself on what was right, how I should be dieting, high carbs, low fat..high fat, low carbs. I eventually started negatively viewing working out, food and health, obsessing over losing weight was consuming me. Feeling hopeless and as if I had tried it all I decided to look up reviews on nutritionist in my area. I read great reviews about Julie so I reached out. She was sweet, professional, prompt, and empathetic, and uplifting. She sat with me, and in very easy steps she taught me fundamentals of food. She didn't just give me a list of things I should choose, but  taught me how to eat intuitively, portion controls, and listening and not depriving  my body. I learned that working out took a back seat to my healthy eating lifestyle and I didn't have to stress if I skipped a workout. I also learned how to view food, and my journey with it, positively. which ultimately had a domino effect on my life, it changed the way I viewed myself, spoke about myself, I stopped complaining openly in front of my daughter which was something I couldn't help before, even when I disliked the fact I did it. I just began to love myself more, love the journey and I started to believe in me. I would never buy another fad, workout program or challenge again. I am forever thankful she has taught me all the tools I will ever need, and all I need to do is apply them.

- D.D, 2017

I started with Julie not too long ago and now I feel great, healthier with a lot of energy and happy with the results. Thanks to Julie, I reached my goals of feeling comfortable in my skin. I followed all her advised and knowledge, and it worked. No more crazy diets, starving... It's just having the right portions and learn how to eat properly, makes the difference in reaching your goals.

- A.C, 2017

I have consulted with Julie a few times. The first was when I needed a tutor for the nutrition portion of an exam! She is so patient, clear and smart! The second was to get a clear picture of what I am eating as a Vegan. Julie looked at the foods I eat and explained what i need to do different and what works. Julie's explanation on satiety is so clear and helpful. I have come to realize who I eat out of boredom, need to chew or crave sweets. None of these has to do with hunger. Julie is patient, professional and knowledgeable. I would and already have recommended her to anyone who needs nutritional advice.

- R.S, 2017

I think we live in a world of extremes. Extreme politics, extreme dieting, extreme ideas. I was overwhelmed by the idea of weight loss and wellness. I was convinced that I needed to adhere to the strict and extreme practices of what I was seeing online, on health blogger accounts, or in magazines in order to achieve optimal health. If I couldn’t be at the gym 6 days a week while being 100% organic, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, non processed, meat free...I wouldn’t be “healthy.” And because I couldn’t be all of those things (and really, who can?), I was doing nothing at all to take care of myself.  


Enter Julie. Together, we identified patterns and discussed sustainable solutions. Small changes like preparing snacks and meals ahead of time and paying attention to my hunger and fullness suddenly came into the picture. Letting go of perfection and simply adopting a mentality of awareness became the name of the game. Being active because I enjoyed it, not because I wanted to lose weight, was my motivation for gym classes.


Julie taught me that I am “allowed” to eat bread from the bread basket. I am “allowed” to order what I want at a restaurant. I can enjoy mindfully and be healthy at the same time. 


I read a lot online. It helps to have Julie as a trusted authority. Do I need collagen? Do I have leaky gut? What is candida? Should I add protein powder to my smoothies? How much meat is too much? Julie has the answers, and her method is always manageable. I trust her completely. 


Thanks to Julie, I am proud of the progress I have made. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Julie to help you achieve your health goals.

-  G.L, 2017