A Food Group Guide to Healthy Hurricane Prep

Wondering how you can possibly stay healthy while sheltering in for a hurricane? Here are some food prep ideas to keep your nutrition worries at bay. Nonperishable foods can actually be very healthy – it’s just about making the right selections at the grocery store. Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you – take this guide with you or use it while making your grocery list.

Remember WATER is the most important nutrient, so stock up on this ASAP.


Packaged Tuna: Enjoy packaged tuna for a safe and easy way to store some protein! Yes, it may not be as tasty without your typical mayonnaise addition, but the packaged tuna does not require a can opener or heat to eat.

Canned Beans: Stock up on black beans, kidney beans, or garbanzo beans for some great protein and fiber choices. It is safe to eat these foods without cooking them.

Peanut Butter: Choose all natural peanut butter (with no added sugar). Peanut butter is a healthy protein as well as healthy fat that will help to keep you satisfied for longer periods of time.


Canned Vegetables: These veggies will be ideal in the case of no electricity, make sure to rinse them off with water, if possible, before use.

Frozen Vegetables: You can also purchase a few packages of frozen broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cauliflower – if power doesn’t go out, these foods are easy to cook in a microwave and won’t spoil if they don’t get used this week.

Peppers, Winter Squash, Tomatoes: Did you know that not all veggies need to be stored in the fridge?! Peppers, winter squash and tomatoes actually thrive when they aren’t stored in cool temperatures.


Apple Sauce: Pick up some individual sized unsweetened apple sauce for a healthy nonperishable fruit option. Therefore, if the power goes out – you don’t have to worry about fruit going bad.

Oranges / Bananas: Oranges and bananas are not kept in the refrigerator. Choose green bananas – these will last you through the week.

Dried Fruit: Prunes, dates, figs, raisins are great non perishable additions to the hurricane nutrition prep. These foods can last months in your pantry and are a quick way to get a blast of carbohydrates and fiber.


Bread: Stock up on a loaf of 100 % whole grain or whole wheat bread – even if you aren’t typically a bread eater. Having a healthy carb in the house can help keep your energy levels stable. If you don’t end up eating this – bread can be frozen or the birds can be fed a little better.

Crackers: Stock up on whole wheat or multi grain crackers for an easy snack to have with peanut butter or tuna.

Dried Cereal / Oats: Nothing like having a bit of whole wheat cereal or oats in the morning! Combine this with applesauce to create a nice flavor / texture combo!

Healthy Fat:

Avocado: Another food that does not need to be kept cold! Enjoy some smashed avocado on whole grain crackers for a great snack option!

Olive oil: Olive oil is nonperishable and can be a great dressing to add to canned veggies or combined with balsamic and tomato for a make-shift bruchetta!

Healthy Snacks:

Almonds / Walnuts / Dried Fruit: Make your own trail mix! This energy dense snack is a great way to stay full and have a carb, protein, fat filled snack.

Kind Bars: Pick up a box of kind bars or your favorite all natural protein bars for all natural, protein filled snacks.

Protein Drinks: Nonperishable protein drinks such as Orgain (which can be purchased at whole foods or Walmart) can be a great way to ensure adequate protein and add a protein filled snack to your day.

Be safe and stay dry. Remember planning is always the key to nutrition success!

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